Buffalo Ridge Blog is Expanding it’s Range…

Like a true “free range” democrat! I’m expanding coverage to one of America’s major political fulcrums, the swing districts and states along the I-29 corridor from KC to Canada. Yup, politics from a progressive perspective in western Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri and Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas are now fair game and in season year ’round “Out Here”. There’s a redirect in place from BuffaloRidgeBlog.com, sorta like a “detour” sign on this virtual two lane to guide readers of the ol’ Buffalo Ridge Blog here, and I can still post stuff local to the Buffalo Ridge there to save bandwidth here.

Oh, and the credits… I put the name up for votes and suggestions to my online friends, and the vote was a tie between this moniker and CountryProgressive.com, but that’s kinda long and could be mistaken for a country music site, not that I got any problem with country music. So Blue Out Here it will be!

But the real credit for this site goes to the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party and it’s occasional metrocentric god dang insolent ignorance of folks “out here” and our issues. After seeing our local democratic campaigns starved of resources and just plain ignored by the party in “the cities”, I’d been thinking about expanding the blog for some time. Then came the last straw- I put in an application for an Outreach and Inclusion small grant, and saw metro area grants approved while ours for western Minnesota’s 7th Congressional district DFL wasn’t even put on the agenda… I’d had enough! Worse yet, one of the grants was to fund a metro DFL group’s “missionary” travels “out here” to teach us dumb hicks how to start a senior caucus… Unduly insulted, we just organized our own senior caucus which will meet & eat a half hour before our monthly Senate District 16 DFL meeting, and I suspect other local DFL groups “out here” will follow suit.

So if this little blog makes any of the personnel over at the DFL office on Plato Boulevard sorta uncomfortable , remember: You inspired this blog! Sorry, gotta run… It’s a great day for a ride and the Nobles County DFL picnic in Worthington is tonight, I’ll see if I can get some pix.

Kickin’ ass “out here”, Dyna Sluyter


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