South Dakota Gets Solidarity!

Image‘Twas a bit of a wait for the hot dogs and other victuals… They didn’t have this big a crowd last year or before. Yup, the Sioux Falls Labor Labor Day Picnic drew at least a hundred folks! To put this in perspective, Sioux Falls is a baby metro area of maybe 150,000… That’s one twentieth the size of the Twin Cities metro area where Congressman Ellison’s Labor Day Picnic dew around 300, only there times the size of Siopux Falls turnout!

Of course, the SoDaks have good reason to be fired up- Organized labor, the SD democratic party, and a bunch of other groups are sponsoring a campaign to increase the minimum wage via a ballot initiave. And they’ve also got this “unknown” running for the U.S. Senate…ImageThat’s Rick Weiland, and if you haven’t heard about him, you’re not in South Dakota. Rick’s a progressive’s progressive in the image of Paul Wellstone and George McGovern, and he’s already been endorsed by the Siouc Falls


One thought on “South Dakota Gets Solidarity!

  1. I’m a SDan, living in MSP for the past 7 years. I read a few SD political blogs so I know who Rick Weiland is. Can’t find his webpage. Does he tweet? Keep up the posting. Thanks.

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