Immigration Reform: Obama Just Did Rural America A Big Favor!

Population loss… An all to familiar loss to those of us who love and live “out here”. Take Pipestone County in Minnesota for example- 3.5% population loss in just the 3 years between 2010 and 2013. Or down two tiers and one to the right, Osceola County in Iowa lost 3.9% in those same 3 short years. Meanwhile, adjoining Nobles County in Minnesota gained 1.1%, and Iowa’s Crawford county a couple tiers south gained 2.0%.

What caused this huge difference in population loss or gain? Pipestone County is 93.5% white and only 3.7% hispanic. Osceola County is 95.2% white and only 6.1% hispanic. Having chased away the immigrants and the gays and a lot of other sane thinking folks, no wonder these counties populations are slowly disappearing.

Meanwhile, Nobles County is attracting new citizens with a population that’s 75.8% white and 22.5% hispanic and growing. Growing Crawford County is 82.9% white and 25.6% hispanic, and that’s why it’s one of the few counties in western Iowa that’s gaining population.

So if Obama’s executive order is, as the conservatives call it, “amnesty”… Could we have some more of it?


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