Metorcentric: How Democrats Become a Minority Party

Seems like all the talk ’round here these days is about the presidential race. Now I like a good political race as much as any political junkie, but I live in Minnesota, we always vote dem for president, so thanks to that anachronism called the Electoral College we have no role in the presidential race.

But I damn well hope we win, because we’re losing most everything else.

The D-trip and it’s senate counterpart aren’t even dreaming of taking back a majority. And with republicans controlling most of the state legislatures and governor’s seats, they’re well situated to again gerrymander themselves the majority party for another decade after the 2020 census.

Sure, we can GOTV the dem packed metros and turn out the votes to win the White House and statewide offices… Sometimes. But when you divide up a state like Minnesota into 67 legislative districts all those dem voters packed into a dozen or so metro districts are “packed” and wasted dem votes before the republicans even begin their attempts at gerrymandering. Heck, they couldn’t gerrymander this effectively!

Outside of those deep blue metros the Minnesota political map is a familiar one- purple inner and second ring suburbs surrounded by deep red exurbs, the traditional and shrinking working class blue zones of “the range”, and the deep red retirement enclaves of “the lakes”. Everything else- the flyover country farms and small towns- is turning from blue and purple to red by Democratic Party default. The political map is similar in Iowa, Wisconsin, and a bunch of other swing states.

So while we dems are self gerrymandered in our urban enclaves, the republicans are picking up seats in rural districts at bargain prices- Heck you can buy the station out here in the country for what a campaign’s worth of commercials costs at metro ad rates! It’d never happen, but it would make economic sense for the California dems to outsource their hundred million dollar U.S. Senate races to the Dakota’s dem parties.

Rural america is where the political bargains are, the swing seats in the cheap media markets, and far easier to flip then the dark red exurbs and retirement meccas. The metro races will take care of themselves, the presidential race is academic ‘less you live in the less than a dozen contested states, and rural america is the real political battleground. So get behind our rural dem candidates, make a road trip to campaign for them, and let’s become the permanent majority party we are destined to be!


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