MN CD7 Outreach Officers report, 1/1/17

CD7 Outreach Officers Report, January 1, 2018:

Actually comin’ out a day early, ‘cause wanted to remind folks that we still got a few hours to make a 2017 contribution to our candidates & party units! Get online or run over to your campaign or unit treasurer while there’s still time to get a 2017 political contribution refund. Or better yet, run up our candidate’s fundraising for the first report in February and make the GOP blow bricks when they see they have over a hundred well funded DFL opponents!

The year ahead- After our year of discontent we finally get to unelect some GOoPers! First up we get special elections in districts 23B and 54, 23B is a take back opportunity and we need to hold onto 54. 23B is close to CD7 so please help campaign for our candidate there if you can, and there will be virtual phone backs set up so we can help both candidates from home. Next up will probably be a special election in district 13 whenever GOP Senator Fischbach figures out that she can’t weasel out of her duty to succeed to the office of Lt. Governor. Given that it takes a bit over 2 months to fill a legislative seat by special election, Fischbach’s stupid theatrics may leave the senate tied 33/33 for most of the session. That will produce even more theatrics from the GOP, but they won’t be able to do much damage.

Candidate recruitment (Don’t make me run again!)- We’re doing well in places like SD16 with great candidates on both sides of the district, but in some districts we’re drawing a big zero. Filing for office ends early on June 5th so we need to have candidates out fundraising and campaigning NOW. By starting early our state house candidates have more time to raise the $1500 in donations needed to qualify for public campaign funding.

General strategy- As we now have 2 senate races as well as constitutional officers up for election, these statewide races will dominate our campaigns. That’s why we need state house candidates in even the “hopeless” districts to bring out DFL voters for our congressional and statewide candidates!

Outreach issues: Diversity- Great 2 have 2 women at the top of the ballot, and thanks Tim Walz for choosing native american woman Peggy Flanagan for your running mate. But we still need more diversity on the DFL side of the ballot, please encourage and support diverse DFL candidates!

Is you’re district really rural? Per the Census, 4A (Moorhead) is 97% urban, 16B (New Ulm and Redwood Falls) is 55%, 17B (Willmar) is 59%, and 18A (metro exurbs) is 51%… Campaigns may want to try more metro style strategies in these districts.

Township Project: At the other extreme of density former DFL legislator Ted Suss wisely suggests we look into how we can win more votes in the townships. There are more voters in the townships than in Minneapolis and St.Paul together, and while they favor GoOPers, many are “swing” voters. Readers in SD16 have already seen Ted’s proposal, for the rest of you I’ve attached a PDF.

And finally, see you at the caucus!

Respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter


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