CD7 Outreach Officers Report. 2/18

This Black History Month we honor Frederick McKinley Jones, African American inventor from western Minnesota who gave us mobile refrigeration, made silent movies talk, and invented a bunch of other neat stuff. Wikipedia link:

February in an even number year is… Caucus Time! So here’s some sorta serious tips for a hopefully painless caucus:
1.  Expect near 2008 or 2016 attendance. Look at the full houses the gubernatorial forums have played to- Interest is high despite having neither Barack or Bernie contending. We need to expect to be overwhelmed with caucus attendees, and hopefully we will be. The preparations we make will make the difference between a thrilling caucus and a “never again!” Caucus.
2.  Assume that the Secretary of State’s caucus finder website, the DFL’s, the DFL’s web based caucus attendee registration app, and maybe the whole internet will slow to a crawl or crash. Have precincts maps, sign up sheets, etc. ready.
3. Bring a printer so you’ll have plenty of those paper backups.
4. The internet being fully functional pre-caucus, expect someone to bring a whole packet of resolutions. Someone else will bring another packet of similar but differently worded resolutions. Appoint them the resolutions committee and hand them a copy of the DFL platform so they can verify that half their resolutions are already in the platform.
5. If it’s 9 pm and they’re still hotly debating resolutions… Announce a blizzard warning and remind them that the caucus site loses power and more importantly internet access at the mere drop of a snowflake…
Respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter

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