CD7 Outreach Officers Update, 2/8/18

We survived the caucuses… On to the conventions!

First, a plea for civility- Every one of our gubernatorial candidates is an upstanding and outstanding progressive DFLer, and none deserved to be called a “DINO” or similar epitaphs. Let’s vigorously advocate for our favorite candidate, and refrain from trying to elevate our candidate by tearing down another.

Second, winter weather and scheduling conflicts allowing, I’m going to make the rounds of some of our CD7 conventions. I’m not running for any party office (though I will serve again if asked), just doing my duty as a CD officer.

Finally, please remember to elect an Outreach Officer if your county unit constitution provides for one. If not, amend your constitution to add an Outreach Officer! If that doesn’t work, please remind the Vice Chair you elect that their duties include outreach. This is a huge district… Several counties will be having their conventions together in Thief River Falls on Saturday and I’ve love to make it, but a 600 mile round trip on two lanes in winter is pretty iffy. That assumes the current snow will stop so I can get the new car to Sioux Falls for an overdue oil change first. These geographical challenges are pretty common in this huge congressional district, which explains why we need Outreach Officers in every county and senate district!

Respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter



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