DFL CD7 Outreach Officers Report for May 2018

DFL CD7 Outreach Officers Report for May 1, 2018:

Happy May Day, and hope you’re enjoying this International Worker’s Holiday and day of protest! Followed by the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s Independence Day- There are celebrations in Pipestone on May 12th and Willmar on May 19th, and probably a few more I ain’t heard of. Please have your local DFL units make these events, with Cinco and all the Pride Celebrations and Pow Wows there’s thankfully more events than I can make! Parade season starts in May too, followed by county fairs in July, August, and even at least one in September.

Convention… Wasn’t this the best ever? I was impressed by the incredible turnout and dedication of the delegates and alternates, and we had plenty of candidates and visiting DFLers too. I was on the nominations committee and was impressed by the quality of our candidates for party office. We had some tough choices to make and I think all the applicants got a position, although it may not have been their first choice. And thank you for re-electing me, I’ll do my best to reward your vote of confidence. We also amended our constitution to have odd year meetings to elect officers so we’ll have more time to make congressional endorsements and national convention delegates at the even year conventions.

What if the GOP got their wet dream and all the minorities and Hispanics moved out of rural America? GOP, be careful what you wish for… In the redistricting following the 2010 census the average district had to have around 711,000 population, and CD7 was able to slide by with 668,000 odd souls. But take away people of color and Latinos and were down to just short of 594,000, which means the redistricting map makers would have had to add a bunch more counties to get enough white non Hispanic people to number that 711,000 to make a district, requiring extending our already oversized district all the way south to Iowa and damn near to downtown St.Cloud. It gets worse- Current 2020 population projections say that we’ll need around 769,000 to be a congressional district, and population in the rural mid west has barely increased in the last century. Minnesota’s two rural districts, CD7 and CD8, together have a white non-Hispanic population of around 1,203,000, good for a seat and a half in congress after the 2022 redistricting. To get 3 seats in the post 2022 congress with no minorities or latinos we’d need to add the only 30% or so rural current 1st and 6th districts to the 7th and 8th and every Minnesotan more than an hour’s drive from downtown Minneapolis would have to share 3 instead of the current 4 representatives with a lot of suburbanites, Rochester, and Duluth. The GOP’s rural “vision” of a white english speaking rural America would have similar consequences in other partly rural states- The 2012 redistricting left only 34 districts that were mostly rural, and if the GOP had their way at best a dozen would survive after the 2022 redistricting. You’d think the 30 odd GOP congress members poorly representing these rural districts would be rolling out the red carpet for minorities and Latinos just out of survival instinct… But that may be too much to expect from a party whose leaders think they can pass a farm bill without the food aid needed to draw the support of the other 401 congress members from urban districts…

Respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter


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