MN CD7 Outreach Officers Report for January 2019

CD7 Outreach Officers Report for January 2019

Greetings and best wishes for another year of DFL victories!

It’s supposed to be an “off year” but one major democratic presidential candidate has already jumped the gun with a new years eve “exploratory” campaign announcement. She’ll be in Iowa this saturday with appearances in Storm Lake and Sioux City in case anyone wants to carpool down. FFI: . Here in CD7 we need to get a head start too- Our Congressmember Collin Peterson will probably face well funded GOP attacks and challenger while we need to narrow the GOPs double digit margins of victory in many legislative races and start winning back districts. And while they’ll probably be easy victories, we have a Tina Smith to re-elect and a new democratic president to elect.

All of the above will not be easy… We need to organize and especially fundraise! Besides helping fund Collin’s campaign we need to max out our legislative candidates donations in the competitive districts and raise the six figure “outside spending” war chests needed to win competitive legislative districts. The state DFL and their legislative caucuses aren’t going to do that for us, if anything their near accidental retaking of the state house via suburban districts will cause the state DFL to ignore us even more. We need our own million dollar cash hoard, and the way to do that is to pound away with our progressive rural issues and a link to our ActBlue page on Kos and every other democratic online forum.

Finally, I will not be running for re-election. I never really intended to run for this position, I screened for another office, they put me on the slate as Outreach Officer, and then you kept re-electing me. But over the years the pushback from the state DFL has worn me down and burned me out to the point I dread campaign season. After I was temporarily purged from the party for supporting the candidates who actually won the general election I realized I could do more to elect democrats from outside the party than within. Truth to tell, with candidates now raising more money through ActBlue than the democratic party raises, political parties need to find a useful role soon or they will fade into obsolesence. So if your feel in any way somewhat qualified to be Outreach Officer, please screen at our upcoming CD7 convention this spring and I will be happy to assist our next Outreach Officer in their duties.

But I am not leaving democratic politics. While purged between the state convention and primary I started another media effort outside the party where I wouldn’t be censored. I’ve been a fairly successful blogger for several years with my auto/motorcycle blog so it was frustrating seeing my http://www.Sassy.Democrat blog fail to take off. After that frustration I was ready to retire to Florida for a long winter instead of chasing democratic presidential hopefuls through the snows of Iowa in search of a scoop. Then I lost my Florida trailer park lot lease and remembered Minnesota’s friendly people make up for the winter weather and unlike Florida real estate promoters they’re pretty much honest, too. Looking back, perhaps that URL was too slick and I should have stuck to rural politics. So I’m going to reboot my old “Rural Issues, Viewed From the Left” blog and use it to cover upcoming races and promote our democratic candidates and party in CD7 and surrounding rural areas. See you on the campaign trail…

Respectfully submitted, Dyna Sluyter


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