Elizabeth Warren Overflows in Trump Country…

I finally  became about the 200th person in line and I’m amazed they got darn near that many in the room. Add in the folks waiting outside and Liz drew 300-400 people in a county of 20,000 where Trump got over 60% of the vote… Locals told me that at least matches Obama’s turnout in 2007.

So Elizabeth is a seriously popular candidate… Problem is her campaign seriously mismanaged crowd expectations. Good thing temps were in the 40s, it was obvious for some time that half the crowd wouldn’t fit in the room but they were left standing outside for a good half hour before Elizabeth came out and addressed the overflow crowd outside. The media were tipped off, why wasn’t the crowd of loyal supporters? In 2007 the Obama campaign quickly figured out they were drawing big crowds and rented big rooms, will the Warren campaign figure it out? They got the money for multiple staging crews, they can afford bigger halls!

I’ll post some photos when I get home, hopefully I got some good ones of the Trump Thug who “cooked off” next to me…


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