Would you donate to elect rural democrats?

We rural democrats, ‘specially here in Minnesota, gotta problem: Our statewide candidates like Amy Klobuchar win almost every legislative district, while our downballot democrats running to represent those same legislative districts get beat by double digit margins. It’s not hard to see why- Amy wins because her campaigns have had millions to make her a household name and 12 years of incumbency hasn’t hurt either. Downballot our dinosaur Democratic state party throws six figure funding at suburban races while writing off rural Minnesota. So our downballot candidates on low 5 figure budgets struggle to get name recognition, and on election day are lucky to break 40%.

Last November in R+11 Iowa 4th Congressional District (CD) upstart democrat J.D. Scholten damn near retired rabid republican Steven King, coming within 3% of winning. In the process King’s Nazi sympathies became public, leaving him a political zombie still going through the motions of being a congressmember while even his own party took away his committee assignments. Scholten did that with a brilliant campaign powered by 3 million dollars in fundraising, over three times King’s haul. The same story was repeated in several rural districts as “small d” democrats via millions of small donations defeated or damn near defeated republicans that were way too red for even their rural districts.

So here in west central Minnesota’s 7th CD, given that the state party has all but abandoned us, what if we started our own campaign fund to properly fund strong democratic candidates challenging republican incumbents who’ve worn out their welcome? Across the border in South Dakota Billy Sutton has kept the lights on in his campaign after running the strongest democratic campaign in South Dakota this decade… Will you donate to send him to Congress in 2020? And in Nebraska’s 2nd CD, Kansas’ 2nd, back to Iowa’s 4th, and in a bunch of other rural districts we came within a hair of winning…

We online democrats have a history of “money bombing” worthy candidates the party has ignored to victory- Will you donate to help rural democrats retire republican incumbents in 2020?


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